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I was eager to try FST with Rita, as historically, I have had pain in my back and legs from sports injuries and slipped discs. I was quite surprised that this method was so much more than a good stretch! The process ‘opened up’ my muscles and joints, in a way that I just don’t know how to explain! After the session, I felt taller, incredibly relaxed, my pain had decreased noticeably, and - I actually felt giddy! It was a feeling of euphoria!  I felt the relaxation of our session lasted for quite some time, and my sleep improved as well.  Whatever Rita did, it was truly incredible! Rita’s professional, caring demeanour, along with the benefits of this method was a real treat!

Tarah, 40 

"I have an old motorcycle injury and had trouble with my left leg in my whole life (lots of swelling and pain in my lower leg and ankle). Earlier this year I re-injured that leg and has been having trouble fully extending my knee on that side. Just after one FST session with Rita I was gaining back more range of motion in my knee and was feeling lighter in my steps for the next few days. I was also high on energy and had a feeling of euphoria the day of and after. Even my neighbours commented that it looks like I have a spring in my step compared to having a limp before. I highly recommend trying FST with Rita. She is a gifted healer."

Istvan, 80

"I received an FST treatment from Rita. I liked that she listened to how I felt during the treatment. I also wasn’t sore after like I feel with some stretching. Instead I felt very open in my shoulders and hips. More loose and painless while moving. She was also really nice to work with. I can’t wait for my next FST treatment with her."

Tyleen, 35

Rita Stefan is an excellent instructor for the Essentrics techniques! I personally have been using Essentrics for years and decided to hire Rita for my 85 year old mother who desperately needed motivation, one on one instruction and guidance. My mother loved her! She was excited every week to see Rita to exercise and my mother rarely got excited to exercise lol. Rita was patient with my mother's limited abilities and had a caring disposition in her interactions with her. She was always prompt with her services and her communication with me. Rita also gave my mother FST (facial stretch therapy) and my mother really liked this and said it was her best massage ever! I would have loved to hire Rita myself but I do not live in Toronto. I highly recommend her and her services!

Kit, 85

"Taking Rita’s Essentrics classes is a good way to improve your flexibility and strength. I started to take her classes after a running injury and I was able to completely get out of pain and get back into running. This type of training works your leg muscles (and your whole body) thoroughly at every session."

Laszlo, 37

"Rita is a great instructor. She is passionate about health and fitness and wants to help you meet your goals. She works with you at your level and helps you succeed and move forward. I have noticed the workouts are so great for strength and flexibility. I feel great afterwards. I would recommend Rita as a personal trainer and the Essentrics workouts she does for great benefit for the entire body."

Laurie, 35

"Rita is a great instructor. I took her eccentrics class, the movements were new to me, but with Rita’s clear instructions made it easy to follow. She also gives very helpful reminders and tricks on how to focus on certain muscle groups, my muscles were worked every time I took her class. Will definitely return for more classes."

Helen, 29

"Thank you Rita. The exercise session was easy to follow, thank you for the precise directions- they do make a big difference. For the next few days I could feel the benefit of the session on the joints especially on my back and shoulders. Thank you again. I Recommend it to everyone regardless of age  and ability on a regular basis."


Krisztina, 51

"I really enjoy the trainings with Rita, we move the whole body during the sessions. She explains the movements, which muscles we train with given exercise, it helps a lot to focus and to do it properly. 🙂"

Gabriella, 35

Rita's expertise and positive personality shine through her classes. She pays attention to your experience and health journey. She's all about helping others through Essentrics, a program that she is infatuated with, and will make you feel the same way.

Zsofia, 38

Taking classes with Rita has been one of the most excited moments during the week! I always feel so happy to take her classes: her instructions are clear and easy to follow. Her design and arrangements of all movements are challenging but fun and exquisite. My body (particular my neck and shoulder) feels relaxing afterwards. What I love the most about exercising with her is the languages that she uses when explaining every movement: Instead of directly telling me which part of the muscle that my body has to engage with, she brings me to a vivid scenario to allow me to mobilize the exact muscle naturally and properly with her cute metaphors and big smiles! I would definitely recommend her as a personal trainer!

Leah, 29

My personal testimonial to the Essentrics program

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