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Rita Stefan: Essentrics & TRX Instructor | Fascial Stretch Therapist

Rita Stefan

Essentrics & TRX Instructor

Fascia Stretch Therapist

What is behind smartSTRNG?

...and what's in it for you

Welcome! I'm happy you are here as I'm so excited to share all this with you!

So, "what does it mean to be STRONG?" Is it about how much we can lift? Or is it more than that?


When it comes to exercising, should we just think of our physical body? Or are there some "SMART" techniques we can take advantage of, in order to get the best out of ourselves and achieve our desired fitness goals?


Let's dive into all this!

Rita Stefan - Fascial Stretch Therapist
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Essentrics® workouts

At smartSTRNG I help clients get strong through Essentrics® workouts.

  • Essentrics® is an equipment free, full body rebalancing program that simultaneously stretches and strengthens all your muscles leaving you feeling light and energized.

  • In addition to the physical aspect, Essentrics® has incorporated the body's natural reflex intelligence into its design, to safely increase strength and flexibility.

  • It can help relieve aches and pains, increase flexibility, improve mobility and posture.


Essentrics® views the human body as one interdependent unit, working each part and system (cells, muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue (fascia), cardiovascular system, nervous system) in harmony.  All systems are like members of a team whose job is to keep you healthy and feeling good. The function of every single part of your body matters to your overall health.

Essentrics® views
equipment free workout, in Essentrics®


Being an equipment free workout, in Essentrics® we use our mind to consciously contract and relax the muscles. 

We use a variety of Neuromuscular Techniques that are aimed at gently harmonizing muscle flexibility and strength with reflex intelligence.

By tapping into the reflexes, Essentrics is working in harmony with, not against, our own systems.

Some of the techniques we use are Imagery, Resistance, End of Stretch, PNF, Relaxation, Deep Breathing and Music.


BODY & MIND connection

All muscle activity initiates at a neuromuscular level. In Essentrics, we use "Imagery" as a neuromuscular technique to guide you to properly execute various exercises and techniques in a fun and creative way.


You will learn how to create resistance within your body while moving through space, working through the muscle chains and all the range of motions of the joints. This takes a lot of brain work and body awareness, and the results are very rewarding!

Rita Stefan Essentrics
Essentrics & TRX Instructor, Fascial Stretch Therapist | smartSTRNG
your goals

Weather you are looking for a new fitness program or looking to find a progressive way to condition and bulletproof your body, you have come to the right place!

Essentrics® uses specific alignment, joint movement and neuromuscular techniques that will help you safely increase your strength, mobility and flexibility, and different health, wellness and performance goals will be achievable and easier to sustain.

Practicing Essentrics® on a regular basis can help you continue to do the physical activities that you love to do no matter how old you are. Whatever your goal is in your fitness journey, Essentrics will set you up for success!

Click here to read more about Essentrics and all the benefits it can offer.

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