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Some food for thought...

Living in today's modern world, we all have some sort of imbalances in our body. 

  • We sit a lot

  • Look at our electronic devices more than we ideally should

  • We do less physical work than the older generation used to

All of this shape our posture.

When we feel that our shoulders, hips and neck are tight, they most likely didn't get tight in a balanced position (unless we have been lying in a time capsule in perfect posture for the past few years, but I guess that is unlikely😀).

We all have some muscles that are tighter (because they are overactive or weak) and some that are underactive or even atrophied. In order to effectively rebalance our body (including our fascia), gain our functional strength back and reclaim our good posture, we need to hit RESET. 

Rita Stefan: Essentrics & TRX Instructor


We need to learn to RELAX our whole body and  build our strength from there, otherwise those overactive muscles will want to kick in every time we move or we exercise and as such our attempt to rebalance the body will be ineffective. 

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...and here is how I can help YOU reach your goals

Having been through injuries and recoveries myself, having to find my way back to a balanced body has taught me a lot! I have learnt how to work with a body that has areas of tension/tightness, muscular and fascial imbalances, whether it's related to injuries, modern lifestyle or vigorous exercise routines. I can help teach you how to relax and start building your functional strength from there.

Essentrics® and FST can help you feel fully in control of your body. It can help you get to wherever you want to be in your fitness journey and it can also help you to be more effective in any physical activities, hobbies that you love to do.



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My Qualifications

  • Certified Essentrics Instructor (Level 3)

  • Fascia Stretch Therapist (Level 1)

  • TRX Coach 

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